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“A Really Good Day: Exploring Alternative Therapies for Mental Health”

“A Really Good Day” is a book written by Ayelet Waldman and published in 2017. The book is a memoir that chronicles the author’s experience of using microdoses of LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) to treat her mood disorder.

In the book, Waldman recounts her struggles with mood disorders and the different medications she has tried to alleviate her symptoms. She then describes her decision to experiment with microdosing LSD, a practice that involves taking very small doses of the drug over an extended period of time. Waldman details the effects that the microdosing had on her mental health, relationships, and daily life.

The book also delves into the history and science of LSD, as well as its potential therapeutic benefits. Throughout the book, Waldman provides a personal and insightful account of her experience with microdosing, while also exploring the broader societal attitudes and legal restrictions surrounding psychedelic drug use.

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