In my TV Script writing class, there’s a rule; if you have not written new pages for your pilot, you have to come up with creatively written excuse that you will have to read in front of the whole class. You know why I am telling you this right?

Well so this one week, I didn’t write anything new because of creative block so I came up with a creative excuse. The response of every one who read/heard it was so amazing that I have decided to share with you. Do let me know what you guys think.

** Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Subject: Horrifying Tale of Ghosting!

Dearest L,

How are you? I was doing pretty well and I was super duper excited to finish writing ‘Amazing history’ and Kaiyla’s  adventures but the universe had something completely different planned for me.

It all began on Tuesday night. I met this guy on tinder, things were going pretty well! I mean how can they not? He was hanging out with ME right! Anyways so we say our good byes and all. The next morning I didn’t hear anything from him, so I thought okay let’s not be egotistical so I sent him a text, saying hi!

Guess what! Nothing. I thought okay he might be busy you know, so I decided to give him time. But that time kept stretching and nothing. Now this is horrifying! Nobody, I repeat nobody dares to ruin my track record and Ghost me. Can you imagine the guts it took him to do that? It’s universally not possible. The person has to have few screws loose to that to a person like me. Like I’m the best the gods could come up with! Ghosting the most amazing person that I know is a crime!!

So by 6 o’clock, I’m fuming. This was serious emergency and I needed my squad but sadly most of them live abroad. So I’m texting and calling furiously all over the globe, trying to understand how this audacity happened. I call India, Pakistan, Thailand, Australia, London, Miami, California and D.C. I have the whole squad ready by 8 o’clock to help me understand how can I get effin ghosted!!!

For next few hours, it’s a rapid fire round of texting and calling back n forth. Filled with crazy advices and explanations of situation. I get done and calmed down by 1:50am. You know whatever.. then guess what!?

He finally texts BACK! So now the ball is back in my court! And my track record of ghosting people is back on! And I am on cloud 9! I decide to show ‘you know who’ how to ghost people like a pro!

Revenge is a sweet sweet thing.

That’s why I couldn’t write my episode.

Proud record holder of Ghosting,

RE: Subject: Horrifying Tale of ghosting!

Lot of fun reading this, and especially hearing you reading it in class. Thanks,  — and yeah, ghost the jerk!



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