As children, we modify and adapt different ways of coping with things. Mostly is learnt from our surroundings and not taught. I blame that to our modern society. Important things that one needs to teach children is covered or overtaken by other worldly subjects and matters. Dealing with crises and people should not be a social learning experiment. We have an enriched history full of lessons that we can learn from. Kids should be taught how to deal with adversity, emotions, problems and people.
When things get tough.. or we are faced with any adversity, most of us tend to get negative, or try to overcome it with what we think (or have learned by our surroundings) is the best solution. Sometimes we get lucky, other times, we blame, complain, stress and worry. I recently stumbled upon a quote by Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor. This quote is exactly what one should aim to do/be.

“What is it – this thing that now forces itself on my notice? what is it made up of? How long was it designed to last? And what qualities do i need to bring to bear on it – Tranquility, Courage, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Straight forwardness, Independence, or what?

So in each case you need to say: 

“This is due to God.” or:

“This is due to the interweavings and intertwinings of fate, to coincidence or chance.” or: 

“This is due to a human being. Someone of same race, the same birth, the same society, but who doesn’t know what nature requires of him. But I do. And so I’ll treat them as the law that binds us – the law of nature – requires. With kindness and with justice. ”

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius 

Let me know your thoughts on this subject.

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