Hello Beautiful people! Spring has been an amazing treat after the interesting winter we had. Spring is also blooming in the stores. Is it just me or is every single store full of amazing collection this season? Especially those neon colors! Ah to die for! As a shopaholic, I confess sometimes its really hard to just move on even though I should. Usually I try to budget myself and try to move fast without looking inside the store and it does work most of the time. Then I have occasions where I accidentally see something and cannot get over it. Well this neon orange top was one of those. I tried to avoid it and move past by it but it was stuck in my head and after a 10 min battle with myself I gave in and bought it. Let’s just say I’m still very happy that i purchased it.

Of course new purchase always wins the battle of ‘What to wear today?’, so did mine. I wore it on a warm evening, when the sun was setting and the color looked gorgeous. I had a great time taking these pictures because I was happy and satisfied with what I was wearing. As I mentioned in my previous post, if you are not completely satisfied with what you are wearing, doubt takes place in your head and nothing defeats confidence more than doubt.

Oh and special Thanks Julianne for being kind enough to let us play with Leo on the shoot. He was a natural! Do follow their adventures on instagram @Julianne & Leo


IMG_5758IMG_5753IMG_5754IMG_5772IMG_5749IMG_5776IMG_5786 IMG_5782IMG_5722 IMG_5720IMG_5762 IMG_5767IMG_5790 IMG_5798



Top: Rachel Zoe

Jeans: 7 for Mankind

Jewelry: Forever 21 & HnM

Shoes: Kelly & Katie

Photography credit: CMK Prodductions

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