When everyone talks about ‘Dress for Success’, one immediately thinks of power suits. I do agree with that but I think one should always give it a personal touch. Once personalized, it becomes YOU, and only you can give yourself the confidence to achieve. I always make sure that I carry my own personal style in any outfit I wear. This gives me the extra boost of confidence that aids me to achieve big.

You dress for yourself FIRST!

Once you are 100% okay with what you are wearing, your personal confidence sky rockets. Eliminate any doubt before you step out of the door. Confidence looks way beautiful than anything else you wear. Before I leave home, I change like 20 times to find the perfect outfit for my mood (not the occasion).

I play a lot with contrast. Lights and darks help me create the dramatic and classy effect at the same time. But I do love bright colors as well so I tend to mix them all together often. Thats exactly what I’m doing with this look.


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Top: Rachel Zoe

Jeans: G Star Raw

Jacket: HnM

Bag: Zara

Jewelry: Forever 21 & BeBe

Shoes: Kelly & Katie

Photography credit: CMK Prodductions

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