Hello Guys! Let’s talk about happiness. Since I was a kid, I realized that there is nothing better than purely enjoying life. I heard from people what they did or do to pursue happiness, For some it’s a great job, for some it’s money or a dream. For me it’s little things in life; It’s the freedom to be who I am, to do what I do or want to do. Finding happiness and satisfaction in little things has become hard nowadays. The society tells us what we need in terms to be happy. There is a set idea/ ideology in every culture of what happiness is and what you need to do to pursue it. Sometimes it’s not what the individual wants but succumbs to societal pressure and gives in.

I use this statement a lot and I mean A LOT! ‘I get what I want’. A lot of people think I’m spoiled, entitled and blah blah but no one ever asks me what is it that I want and I get? My wants are usually very basic and associated with my happiness; anyone can want them and get them easily. My wants revolve around normal and everyday stuff. I developed this method as a kid. I ask my self almost everyday, what will make me happy today? It might be as small as food craving or as big as life altering decision. Once i know my goal I find my way to it and I get it or at least try getting it.
Few days back my friend/ photographer Carrie asked me if I was willing to model for her and a jewlery brand. As a yes person of course you know my answer. She had a location in mind but I personally WANTED to do something around the ‘Old Stone House’ for a while and that day it was the answer/calling to my happiness. I am a huge history geek. Old Stone House is located in a reconstructed 1699 Dutch farmhouse that was central to the Battle of Brooklyn, it is a museum and community resource that explores the American Revolution, colonial life and Brooklyn.
We had an amazing time shooting at this location. I plan and stylize all my shoots and I enjoyed every bit of this shoot immensely and not just the shooting part but every stage of it, Pre, production and post. Hope you guys enjoy it too.
Oh and special thanks to Elise Georgiadis for the jewlery. Do check her stuff out it’s pretty amazing (Link in the credits).
KS xoxo

IMG_8661 IMG_8669IMG_1357 IMG_1370 IMG_1364IMG_1403IMG_1354IMG_1443IMG_1489IMG_1486IMG_1485IMG_1465IMG_1463IMG_1487IMG_1515


Dress: Forever21

Shoes: White House | Black Market

Jewelry: www.shopfourthstate.com

Photography credit: CMK Prodductions

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