Hello peeps! Sorry for the late post. I had an absolutely great time at the Pride Parade 2015. It’s amazing to live at a time where people are finally focusing on equality and YES!!! Gay(LGBT) marriages are legal in US. Yet its sad to think that it took this long but hey everything has a process right? It just makes me sad that I was privileged enough to never have to worry about who I can marry or who I can love so my whole energy was focused on ordinary stuff like getting a job, worrying about bills and shopping; while a lot of our fellow beings were stuck because their love wasn’t accepted legally. It doesn’t make sense to me though. Like people on this earth gives you hard enough time already for being ‘yourself’.. why does the government have to be a part of it. Imagine in kindergarten or middle school or high school, at times one little act of bullying would make you feel like an alien, imagine on top of that pressure you have to deal with the government and society. Yikes!!! I’m just glad that finally we made progress. Enjoy the great pics my friend captured just for ya’ll.


IMG_6751 IMG_6753 IMG_6794 IMG_6827 IMG_6883 IMG_6896 IMG_6900 IMG_6930 IMG_6934 IMG_6950 IMG_6959 IMG_6960 IMG_6972 IMG_6978 IMG_7026 IMG_7076 IMG_7119 IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7123 IMG_7149 IMG_7155 IMG_7159 IMG_7197 IMG_7223 IMG_7230 IMG_7232 IMG_7234 IMG_7253 IMG_7287 IMG_7296 IMG_6747 IMG_6744feautured



Top: T.J Maxx

Jeans: G-Star Raw


Photog: Eldar’s Insta

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