Do you ever look at your old pictures and think WHAT the heck was I wearing? Or I had such a bad taste back then? Well you didn’t.. Everyday in our own capacity we try to push our own limits and boundaries. Whether be clothes, taste in music, taste in food or even taste in people. Since birth we are taught what is right and wrong and still knowing the difference we give reasons, excuses and explanation. We make mistakes and learn from them, it’s not like we were never told ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’. It’s just we still try. Same is the case with our taste. If you compare last weeks wardrobe choice from this, you might not notice a difference because you probably took a little risk and modified it a bit. But if you compare it to last year, you will see much greater change. The farther back you go, the greater difference you will notice.

I was never into tie dye or acid wash jeans. I prefer my jeans in plain, usual colors. I always pair them for people but for my personal choice I’d never choose them. But then I see this pair on sale and think why not. Though they stayed in my cupboard for a while and during spring cleaning I decide to wear them once before discarding. When I finally put them on, I kind of like what I see and decide to pair it with my favorite tank top. To add a bit of color I choose the leopard print (inspired) pumps. These jeans for me are pushing my own limits. Expanding and exploring. Oh! and let me add, experimenting and pushing your own self created limits are very liberating.


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Top: Cosmopolitan

Jeans: T.J Maxx

Jacket: Express

Shades: Ray Ban

Shoes: BCBG

Photography credit: CMK Prodductions

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