I go in and out. With all that’s going on in my life I get lazy with the things I want and give my 95% to the stuff that’s required of me. I’m well aware of my faults and I constantly work on this stuff on a daily basis.

Self improvement and self help has a stigma attached to it. It shouldn’t but it does. Whenever I’ve referred a book or two I’ve gotten judgmental stares or phrases like ‘Oh, you believe in that?’ Or ‘you into that kinda stuff?’ But it doesn’t stop me from exploring it. From Greek philosophers to recent ones like Timothy Ferris. I try to read a new book once a week. It might not be a big deal but with my schedule I do feel like it is. But hey, no ones here for validation right?

Recently I read that all your thoughts make up your character and your circumstances. Everything you think, you get. Including your desires, wishes and your fears. To think about it, every single philosopher and self help guru has said that. All religions emphasize on the same thing. Earl Nightingale called it the Secret to success.

Ask and it shall be given unto you

Seek and ye shall find

Knock and it shall be opened onto you

For everyone that asketh, receiveth

And he that seeketh, findeth

And to him that knocked, it shall be opened

So if this is true, what’s stoping you? Or me? I think most of us lack faith and belief in our own capabilities, we let our fears be more dominant than our desires and need.

For a really long time I wanted to do this blog, I’ve tried different names, started and stopped couple of times. Mostly because of fear of rejection and what would people say. It’s a very crippling fear. My own friends and family has no idea about this blog. Hey I was never a quitter , so I persist and keep trying. I struggle like most of you do in dealing with fear but I can never imagine myself not trying. One way or the other. Regardless of how many tries it takes. I keep doing it.

So in the spirit of trying let’s talk about this weeks look. I absolutely love skirts but I find pants a bit more comfortable and thats what I wear in most of my daily life.

This time when I went back home, I thought of combining both of these things and designed elephant pants that look like skirts. I got them made in a few colors and prints. I am totally obsessed with these pants. They are fashionable and super comfortable. They look cute, dressed up or down.


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