Spring is almost here! Yes I do love writing spring posts. You ask why? Spring inspires new beginnings. Spring means the summer is right around the corner. I can go on and on about spring. Spring always feel right. Spring is always there to bring the sun and warmth.

It’s funny how weather actually does affect our mood. When it gets warm and sunny after a cold winter, we all flock outside. Hang out more, socialize more, enjoy more and shop more etc. Just like seasons colors also affect our health and mood.

I began this spring with the color yellow. I don’t know what it was but i was predominantly attracted towards anything and everything yellow. As color psychology describes; “Yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum, and it is the most noticeable of all colors by the human eye. It means happiness and optimism; it is the color of sun shining, or bright light and creativity. … It is the color of high energy, enthusiasm, hope, fun, and cheerfulness.” And I felt all of that.

P.S. I designed and got these pants custom 😉

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