People always talk about rewinding to good times or going back in time etc. In my point of view wherever you are right now is where you need to be at this exact moment. Life is great if only you are grateful and it is shit if you only complain. The good times are only a state of mind that you want to get to! Also clothing makes a huge difference in terms of how you see yourself and the world. A well dressed and groomed person will be able to tackle the world much better than a person who doesn’t give a sh*t.

Problems always exist. If one problem is solved then the other one arises. So instead of thinking about it like being surrounded by issues n problems why not think of them as a challenge to solve. I always focus on solution than the problem. In recent years I’ve adopted this thinking where I look at facts isolated without any personal feelings attached to the situation. This thinking helps me figure out the issues much easier with less mental and emotional drama.

Recently I took a Trip with my friends to LA and Vegas. Boy what a trip it was! Stuff that could go wrong, went wrong. Stuff that could go right didn’t go right instead it went all haywire, but still it was the best trip ever. The people I was with were amazing. The places I went to were amazing. The rest of the stuff (issues) were just a fluff.

Featured are pics from West Village NYC & Los Angeles Melrose Avenue. I’m trying to add pastel shades in my wardrobe. People who know me know that most of my wardrobe consists of black.

LA: Ronak
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