Change is a venture towards the unknown. Sometimes current situation is so dire that we accept the unknown as lesser evil and venture towards it, and achieve some great stuff. Normally that’s not the case, normally the fear of change is greater than the actual situation, so we tend to just dream/fantasize about the change and do nothing towards achieving it. Every so often the sabotage is deliberate conscious attempt but mostly it is our subconscious trying to protect us from what we fear, that is change. Our brain has created some interesting scenarios to protect us from danger, this is the fight or flight response of our brain. Though we do not live in the stone age, but our brain still applies the same principle in most of our life decisions, choices and circumstances. For most of us the unknown is fearsome and change is the unknown. Due to this fact, occasionally our own subconscious is trying to protect us from the fear of the unknown that is change. Change is mostly good but the unknown is frightening.

Have you ever felt like you could not stick to a routine or a diet? Well that’s because your conscious or subconscious is afraid of change.
Normal sabotaging thought process: If I have a routine, I might or might not achieve what I want, but it’s a different condition than what I am in; thus change is bad so I’ll sleep in today or cancel that meeting. Same is the case with weight loss. If I diet then I’ll get skinny but I don’t know how I will be as a skinny person, it’s the unknown and scary .. so I should just eat a snack, or eat that cake etc.

Sound familiar? Want to change it? The solution isn’t that hard but requires a lot of practice. You need to understand your own thought process. Identify self sabotaging thoughts and ideas. Refrain from temptations of giving in by understanding and seeing through the bluff your brain is creating to save you from change and identify it as a sabotaging thought. Soon your own brain will help you get over this issue.

Top: mandee

Jeans: G Star Raw

Shoes: Missguided

Accessories: Forever21

Photography: Rob

Styling: SYQ

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