Details are very important in our lives. Details set us apart from each other. The details we focus on collectively makes our style. My style has always been focused around majority of my wardrobe colors being black and few distinctive leopard print clothing pieces. For me both are personal classics. I mix and match them with everything. Also, one has to be very careful with both the color and the print, if over done, both can look a bit you know too much.

Details are crucial in every aspect of our lives. from clothing to our relationship to food we eat. Its all about details.

In details we can see our patterns/circles as well. I’m talking about personality patterns/circles that we keep following and keep getting the same results. Have you ever heard yourself say I keep on getting in the same kind of relationships or I keep repeating the same mistakes? etc. That’s because it’s a pattern/circle you keep following without even knowing hence getting the same results over and over.

To get out of these patterns/circles, we need to focus on the details of our personalities and behaviors. I personally fear getting hurt so whenever I’m getting too close to someone I start jeopardizing it so that I won’t have to get hurt. I’ve seen a lot of people do that. Tbh it’s not healthy, getting hurt is a normal part of human experience and if you have feeling, you will get hurt. But in trying to not get hurt I was avoiding any kind of meaningful relationship. Which I honestly found out after analyzing the details of my own behavior and personality.

The closer you look at the details of your life the better you can evolve into a better person. That also applies to clothing as well.


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