Misery loves company; we all have heard this saying. It means miserable people attract miserable people. But did you know It’s not only the empaths who transfer or copy emotions. It’s all of us. Emotional states are easily transferable, they are infectious. 

Have you ever felt drained and lost after listening to someone complain? We all complain here and there but there are some people who are serial or chronic complainers and dissatisfied. Nothing is good enough. Nothing good will happen to them etc. it’s not that good is not happening to them, it’s just not their focus. So they complain about what they are focusing on. Some people do it for attention; some do it for some kind of sympathy; it could be they have developed a victimized thinking or sometimes the person doesn’t even know that they are doing it because it can be a learned behavior from a parent, sibling or any other Influential figure in their life. You can find/ figure out these people by looking at their history, Look for instability and long line of broken relationships. 

Psychiatrist William Glasser writes that punishing, complaining, blaming, threatening, nagging, criticizing, and bribing are the seven deadly habits of miserable people.

These kinds of people attract you with their chaos. Our saviors complex makes us think that we can help them but soon we are in their tornado of destruction  and we start transferring and receiving their doomed state. 
We only see what we focus on. We feel what we focus on. That’s why it’s necessary to attain a gratitude mindset. Regardless of what you have or what you don’t have. Adversity will always affect us. We will always have issues and problems in our lives. It’s on us to decide who do we want to be. Do we want to be the infectious, the diseased, the complainers and dissatisfied. Or we can choose to rise above and be grateful for all the other ‘stuff’ we have, the people we have, the health we have, the little things we have etc. We can choose to attract happiness by our good state of mind, natural buoyancy and intelligence. 

I personally start my day with 30 minute miracle morning steps. Which attunes my brain to being positive, productive and grateful. 

Let me know your thoughts on this. Also outfit details are at the bottom. 

Top: Forever 21

Pants: Rag & Bone

Scarf: LV

Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Forever21

Accessories: Tory Burch // Kendra Scott

Photography: AJ

Styling: SYQ

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