Is it though? Is it enough to believe what our predecessors have believed in? It’s really hard to be patient. Easy way out is to indulge in the temptation. Go for it as they say. But really though? After a momentary satisfaction; do you really believe it was worth it? Would you rather being patient and not indulging in whims of temptations have resulted in better resolution? Or in the long run would’ve been beneficial for the bigger picture, the end goal. 

The movies show us that being bad boy/girl with a good conscience is good. No one messes with the tough guy, overly dramatic or rebellious person etc. but in real life that’s the person everyone despises or pretends to dislike openly. 

History is full of people who have gone with tide to achieve their end goals. Have adopted the patience game for the long run. It’s easy to comment on this but actually being patient in the face of adversity is the real exam. What do you do when the person opposite you screams at you non stop, knowing well enough that it’s not your fault but thiers. Do you explain yourself knowing fully that it will fall on deaf ears or the fact that said person will never accept fault. What do you do? Do you stoop to their level and indulge in an argument? a temper war?  A show down? What if the said aggressor is bigger than you? More powerful? In a powerful position maybe. Do you keep your mouth shut or do you indulge? 

Some people would say standing up to the oppressor is also a virtue. Fighting for your rights is also very important. Agreed. But then, again, there’s always a time and place and a right way to do it. Do you think if any of the great men of history would have struck out at the first ever encounter they had with their oppressors, we’d have a different history? A smarter person would not indulging in any and every quarrel. A smart person would know and choose wisely. They would choose their battles. Save their energy and prepare for the war. 

Being patient has a lot of benefits. You have all your cards in your hands. You are always a step ahead. Why? Because you are patient enough to see the whole picture. Patient enough to not indulge in petty issues. Patient enough to actually go through with what you decided to do in the first place. Also not everyone has it in them to be patient enough to actually achieve what they have set their minds to. Again it’s easy to give up. Easy to give into temptation, anger, temper etc. hard to stick with it. 

Whenever my patience starts thinning out, I tell myself, if it were that easy everyone would be doing it. Also deep breathing and meditation to clear my head helps a lot too. 

Do let me know your thoughts about this.

Top: Forever 21

Pants: JBrand

Shoes: Forever21

Accessories: Tory Burch // Forever21

Photography: AJ

Styling: SYQ

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